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Musescapes 2. For My Mother for Piano Trio: violin, cello, piano

Musescapes (all three movements can be purchased together for $45.00 on the Purchase page) had its beginnings in 2005 when Carol S. Gee, a radiologist/pianist/photographer with a great love for chamber music commissioned me to write a work for her piano trio. I thought it would be great fun to write a three movement work with roots in North American jazz and South American tango music. Since there was no due date for this commission, it languished between periods of composition and longer periods of working on other projects. All the time, I was mulling over titles that I thought appropriate to the material.

During the composing of this work, my mother passed away, She was a professional violinist and often played chamber music in our home when I was a child. The second movement titled "For My Mother" became an homage to her. It is a loving, melancholy, melodic work.

Total Number of Pages: 8

Musescapes 2. For My Mother for violin, cello, piano

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For My Mother
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Performed by: The Newstead Trio
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