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Across the Cs (2015) for flute quintet: piccolo, 2 C flutes, alto flute, bass flute
Published by Falls House Press

Across the Cs, Commissioned by the wonderful Norwegian group, 5 på Tvers/ 5 Across for the 2015 NFA convention in Washington, DC. Since California is many seas apart from Norway, the title of the piece is a takeoff of the fact that flutes, in general, are C instruments and we are seas apart. The piece is programmatic in nature, starting with the ensemble blowing across their instruments and then slowly finding their way across the waves and over to their native country. This piece should have a strong bass flute player and is definitely worth the effort

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Across the Cs Low Flutes Quintet for 2 Alto flutes, 2 Bass flutes,
1 Contrabass flute

Falls House Press

Across the Cs
Across the Cs
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Performed by: Mari Sundsaasen Innervik, Anne Hveding, Linn Annett Ernø, Ragnild Døsen and Henriette Wie Flaig.
Across the Cs
Across the Cs
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Across the Cs
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