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Swing Shift for Bassoon, Piano and Optional Drum Set

is now available on Bassoon Unbounded with Christin Schillinger, bassoon, and Jed Moss, piano

Swing Shift came about through a conversation with bassoonist, Christin Schillinger, who had been listening to songs from the 50s and 60s sung by the marvelous singers of the era, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn among others. We agreed that a new work for her (which she premiered at the 2013 International Double Reed Society Conference in Redlands) should have the feel of that era. Once I came upon the title, Swing Shift, the piece almost wrote itself.

Swing Shift sounds Great with a drummer but it can be performed without.

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Swing Shift for Bassoon, Piano (Opt Drums)

for Christin Schillinger, bassoon and Jed Moss, piano

Swing Shift
Swing Shift
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Swing Shift
Swing Shift
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