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CIRCADIA 1. Cycles Sonata for Alto Sxophone and Piano

"Circadia", a sonata for alto saxophone and piano in three movements, refers to the daily pulse, rhythms and cycles of activities observed in many living organisms. The first movemet, "Cycles" is a wild and disjointed chase between the instruments. The cyclic rhythms vary between a triplet motif with the bassoon both chasing and being chased by the piano, and a more jazzy section with the two instruments figuratively and literally playing with one another.

CIRCADIA Sonata For for Alto Saxophone and Piano Mvt. 1 Cycles





Total Number of Pages: 9

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1. Cycles
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Circadia 1. Cycles for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Performed by: John Halberg, alto sax, Wenjing Liu, piano
Circadia 1.Cycles
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